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Life Transitions

Life is full of transitions such as emerging into adulthood, beginning/ending relationships, career changes, pregnancy, arrival of a new baby, adoption, serious illness, empty nesting, retirement, or aging.

These transitions can foster both joyful as well as challenging emotions such as fear, anxiety, sadness, guilt, or grief.

Therapy can help sort through the thoughts and emotions that get stirred up when life throws us curveballs.

Experiences that can stir up challenging emotions
  • Pregnancy | Adoption - reproductive challenges or perinatal/postpartum distress
  • Career challenges - work-life balance, pressures of work, performance anxiety, or feeling creatively blocked
  • Physical health - serious illness or medical issues
  • Aging - retirement challenges or bodily/lifestyle changes
  • Personal challenges - feeling stuck/lost, existential dilemma, or self-discovery